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Viewing the Super Blood Moon from Boston

Traveling w/ Disabilites, Special Needs HomeschoolHolly D Gray2 Comments

Our family just so happened to be in Boston when the Super Moon or Blood Moon took place on September 27, 2015. It was late for Caleigh to stay up, but we decided to search for the huge Super Moon in the heart of Boston that night. 

Blood Moon Super Moon via Hacking Disabilities

We headed out the door of the Devin Nicole Family House and walked across the street until we found a parking garage we could get into. 

Blood Moon Super Moon via Hacking Disabilities
Blood Moon Super Moon via Hacking Disabilities

Caleigh loves astronomy and all things to do with space. We just finished a space unit in her homeschool curriculum. So we were able to talk more in depth about what was going on that night.

We got there a little early for the big event, but stayed until half the moon was eclipsed. We watched some pretty incredible time lapse videos, stared out our window and then called it a night. 

Blood Moon Super Moon via Hacking Disabilities

I didn't take my tripod with me for our trip so Caleigh's lunar watching kicks are caught in full blur here. The lights of the city probably made the viewing less spectacular than say the middle of the desert. The red of the Blood Moon wasn't as noticeable until the very end of the eclipse due to the light pollution. 

Blood Moon Super Moon via Hacking Disabilities

It was a pretty spectacular sight to see. Space really makes you think about the layers of our life and just how insignificant the little things are.  There is so much more going on out there than our daily routine, worries and small accomplishments. It's the big picture.  

Did you stay up to see the Super Moon? How was your view?


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A Partial Solar Eclipse to Remember

Special Needs HomeschoolHolly D Gray1 Comment

On Friday we made the standard pinhole viewing box to be able to see the partial solar eclipse without actually seeing the solar eclipse. The whole time I was making the box I kept thinking about the warnings that came with this type of behavior as a child. The whole "you'll go blind if you look at the eclipse bit." 

Low and behold it was bright out and even more shocking I may have glanced in the sun's direction without in fact going blind. It was an accident...I swear.

The box worked! This wasn't a Pinterest fail, but an actual case of a tiny sun dot on the inside of our box experiencing a partial eclipse. 

So tiny.

We weaved and bobbed around to get the best view and finally the sun was conveniently hiding behind our neighbor's tree. 

From a quick Google search, I can tell you that we will be standing outside checking out the next solar eclipse on August 17, 2017 but we may catch a lunar eclipse or two between now and then if we aren't sleeping. 

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