Made of Gray


Holly D. Gray is a conceptual fine artist and writer currently located in North Texas. Her artistic process began after taking on a particularly dull career in the small cubicle of a government agency. She quickly decided to complete her university education and two years later, in 2006, she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from The University of Texas at Arlington. 

Immediately following her degree, Holly took a formal break to start a family with her husband. The premature birth of her daughter, in the summer of 2007, unexpectedly delayed Holly’s immediate return to her craft. During this time she continued private portrait work and discovered the love for writing and fiber arts while caring for her medically fragile child. 

During the spring of 2014 Holly returned to work as the Social Media and Marketing Manager for NICU Helping Hands, a national nonprofit very close to her heart. While Holly’s commercial photography made the rounds through national news outlets, representing NICU Helping Hands, she once again began to formally create her own personal fine art. Although Holly resigned to pursue her artwork and focus on family at the end of 2015, social media and marketing work is still very important in her artistic process. 

Holly’s primary source of inspiration comes from the birth, life and complicated existence of her daughter. She continues to write and photograph subjects that relate to the intense survival of a life lived with daily medical interventions. Her art is characterized by deep layers of symbolism and ultimately an underlying need to educate those unaware of a soul survived through multiple disability and fragility.