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10 times to Cooks (every milestone counts)

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray6 Comments
Last night Caleigh went over to Cooks for a MRI so that we could have a baseline detailed brain scan. The MRI experience was horrible. Caleigh kept spitting up so they would have to come in and suction out her mouth and lay her back down. She just kept choking and was really upset. Finally they got what they wanted image wise and sent us back over to Harris. The results came in this morning and yes Caleigh has PVL. Right now we are waiting for a Neuro consult. Occupational Therapy will be coming by 3 times a week to work with Caleigh until she leaves the NICU and then we will have Early Childhood Intervention coming to our house until she is 3 years old for therapy. We are also going to have a speech therapist meet with us about Caleigh's sucking coordination during bottle feeds. It's funny that speech therapy and bottle feeding go together but everyone says they are the experts.

When Caleigh got back to her bed she continued to spit up. So much so that the docs stopped her feeds again. They took more x-rays and said that her bowels were a bit more dilated than before. They have put the suction tube back in and they are getting a lot out of it so far. We think that the milk just isn't going down fast enough and the MRI mess just pushed her too far. The docs have scheduled another water soluble enema for tomorrow morning over at Cooks. This is so they can see if her colon and lower intestines are working ok. The last time they did this Caleigh had to have emergency surgery. So we are praying that her bowels are just acting slow and not blocked again. She is still having bowel movements but they are really really small. Hopefully tomorrow will be uneventful and our little girl's tummy gets to feeling better soon. Caleigh is so strong and we don't see that changing any time soon.

Everybody has been asking about what they can do to help and we truly appreciate each of you. This has been a trying week and right now the best gift of all is prayers. Thank you to everyone.
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