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201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray7 Comments

Caleigh is doing really well today. Yesterday she got her 2 mth shots so she slept most of last night and today. Wow, can one little lady cry! She's been really fussy if you wake her up. I think she gets that from her momma and the shots ;-) Pedialyte feeds are going good, slow, but good. She hasn't been spitting and she is still loading the poopie diapers for us. Caleigh has lost a little weight the past couple of days, but she has been retaining fluid since we started the feeds again. They call it 3rd spacing, and it just means that her body doesn't know what to do with all the extra fluid so it just kinda floats around. She weighs 5lbs 8oz as of today. Caleigh also got her eyes checked again and she is doing great, no problems! She must take after daddy on that one because mom is blind as a bat! Last week Caleigh got her hearing tested and she passed with flying colors.

Holding her favorite bunny and binky

Wearing moms favorite hat. Just settled in for a nap after her shots and a bath.

Caleigh is able to hold her head up by herself for a long time now. If she wants to look at you she will throw her head back to do so. She turns towards our voices and follows her mobile with her eyes. She is doing great developmentally and we couldn't be more proud!



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