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12 or more things

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray5 Comments
A few things we have learned:

We are old, much older & more mature than we were 1 year ago

How do you do it they ask? Because we have to. Wouldn't you?

We know more about the human body than one person, who isn't in medical school, needs to know.

Reanastomosis, ileocecal valve, periventricular leukomalacia, Gastroschisis etc. are big words that normal people do say on a day to day just have to find those people

12 or more different ways to say thank you and really mean it.

Nurses are your best friend while your baby is in the NICU, make sure you thank them often

Pumping breastmilk for a baby that doesn't eat for 3.5 months really isn't a waste of me

Laundry doesn't fold itself

Being positive & optimistic will get you far, but crying when you need to will bring you peace.

Our family isn't alone in our situation, although every situation is different.

Groceries don't just show up in your fridge.

If you don't like the answer, ask the question again.

Doctors are people too, they have lives, they have feelings, they have families, they care.

Blogging is great therapy.

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