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16 weeks

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We got the news yesterday so all we have to do is sit and wait till next Thursday. Caleigh will be getting a new CVL, hernia repair, STEP procedure and G-button. I also mentioned to Dr. Vaughan that Caleigh has started to get a double chin....& since he was doing everything possible during this surgery.....maybe he could take care of that too! He thought we should look into her chunky thighs!

Right now we are measuring how much she is refluxing by a PH balance test to see if she needs an 'attachment' to her g-button called a

Fundoplication to help with her reflux. It actually repairs the valve to the stomach from the esophagus. They will only put one in if her reflux is severe.

What's on my head???

Caleigh felt much better yesterday, as you can tell in the pictures and video. They think that Caleigh has or had a virus, which is scary when your at home with your baby, but even more so when your baby is already sick at the hospital. We roomed in again and had a really nice day. Caleigh was more awake and we played with her a lot during the day so she slept almost all night.

You may be able to see that Caleigh's skin is yellowing and also the whites of her eyes. This is from the IV nutrition (TPN & Lipids) that she has to have right now. Her liver has to process it because it is through IV not oral. Caleigh's on medicine to help with the side effects and we have also started to cycle the fluids off. She will be on it 22hrs a day and then off for 2 hr. This gives her liver a chance to rest. The sooner we can get some volume in oral milk feedings the better.

When Caleigh is being fed she WILL NOT take her pacifier! But when she is NPO (not eating) she LOVES IT! Poor baby has such a strong throat aversion because of everything that has always been down there. So we work on oral stimulation all the time with her. Even when she is asleep, I put my finger in her mouth and massage her cheeks & tongue from the inside. If you move in to fast with the paci she'll gag and cough. So you have to talk her into it and move slow. As you can hear, I'm a bit over animated with this one, but I love the ending!!



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