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Who's got a double chin? So precious......

Thank you for everyone's comments and positive words of advice. I was obviously extremely frustrated yesterday and I'm pretty sure it was sensed through my words. I apologize, usually I'm the bubbly optimistic one, but a girl needs a day or two to be down in the dumps.

We're doing much better today (or semi better) I got to talk to our other surgeon and he seems to think that there are other steps and surgeries that can be done before we throw in the towel. Yesterday I got the sense that there wasn't anything else that they could do. This was devastating and scary nonetheless. Today there is some hope and at least a small plan in the works. Caleigh would need surgery again and if all goes as planned it would happen this week. The formula feeds just aren't working. Caleigh's tummy hurts and she just can't quit spitting up and gagging. If we are going to go with the surgery .... I will post details.

Another new development is that we requested a sit down with all of our surgeons and doctors so that everyone is on the same page with Caleigh's care. Everyone has the same goal of getting our little girl home but their plans change from day to day and it can be confusing sometimes. So hopefully this will happen early this week and we will have a short term plan.

Please keep those thoughts & prayers coming and I will keep the updates rolling ;-)

Turkey Day Snow with the family!

What a snowy turkey day we had! Ok, so it's just a dusting of white stuff but it was still fun. In Texas we can't ask for much more. It was nice and pretty without the ice we usually get. We aren't counting this as Caleigh's first snow. So maybe it will snow again when she gets out of the hospital.



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