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Holly D Gray3 Comments
So were a little more settled in now that we have been home a few days. I'm trying to get more organized just in case a week plus hospital stay is in our future again. I think we handled it better this time around, but it still sucked to be at Cooks again. We absolutely hated the surgery floor, and asked not to be put on it again. We had to remind the nurses about med times, and just about everything to do with Caleigh.

Caleigh is doing well. The first evening home she didn't sleep good at all and her belly was getting bigger. Eric and I changed around Caleigh's feeds to 4ml an hour for 5 hrs on and then 1 hr off at a time and then repeat that. This is what we were doing before our little staph break and it seemed to work out really well. We had also put the Reglan on hold while we were at the hospital because Caleigh was having huge loose diapers. The first day we were home she didn't have but one stool and her belly wasn't looking so hot. So we decided at about midnight to start up that med again. Sure enough the Reglan let the flood gates go and Caleigh had about 9 dirty diapers all day today. It finally slowed down around 7 o'clock in the evening and Caleigh acts like she feels really good. So maybe it cleared out what was stuck in there.

Tomorrow, we have another EEG scheduled for 8am and then we will see our neurologist about the results at 10:30am. Hopefully Caleigh's seizures are under control, but I do notice some signs here and there that she is still having a few. Maybe we'll get it all figured out.

I'll try to post some new pics soon.....our little one is knocking on the door of 12 lbs and getting bigger each and every day.
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