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Our trip to Pittsburgh is postponed for the time being. Caleigh's blood cultures started growing Staph. It's in her blood stream and right now she is on the right antibiotic to get rid of the infection. It's not the scary staph infection that everyone is talking about (MRSA). We met with a doctor from the infectious disease department and he says that it could take 10-14 days to get rid of the infection. We were told that as far as staph goes, Caleigh has the best one to have. He was also surprised that Caleigh hadn't had an infection before. Thanks to all the sterile techniques of our amazing NICU family we've avoided it up until now. I wonder if I can convince some of our NICU nurses to transfer to home health?

Right now we wait and see if her central line can be saved. I was already a little cranky with the sterile techniques of those that have seen Caleigh while we have been home, but now I'm just mad. I don't care who's ego gets hurt. It's Caleigh's life and that is number one in our book. Hand washing, gloves, masks. Cough or fever or rash.....stay away. I'm just upset and feel like we have failed her in some way.

Like most times Caleigh gets sick, her belly has become distended and we stopped her feeds. Yesterday, we went downstairs for abdominal x-rays and they don't look great, but not too bad.

Who knows how long we will be here at Cooks. They have blood work ordered for the morning and I'm sure we will have blood work ordered for the next morning.

We're exhausted and cranky. Caleigh is very fussy because she just doesn't feel good. It's like the old days of holding her 24/7. We don't mind holding because that is what makes her feel better.

We were supposed to be in Pittsburgh until this coming Friday. They would not have been able to evaluate her anyways because her blood work would have been contaminated. They deal with this sort of thing all the time, so it was nothing new. It was meant to be for some reason. I'm sure we will find out why.

I thought our trip to Holland would be a winter trip, but it looks like we are staying this spring too. I hope the water is warm.

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