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March for Babies!

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Caleigh's stroller....and no, Caleigh is not partaking in the delight of starbucks...... yet.

Here's part of the group walking. Check out those t-shirts! Thanks Corrie! and of course thanks to our models :-)

Caleigh's tower. Along the path there were several towers with these banners. Some for babies that beat the odds, some still struggling, and some who's lives were cut short. Thank you to the March of Dimes for letting Caleigh have one of these banners. It truly means so much! (and yes, it says she was born in 2008, oh well)

We got to meet the little girl whose banner is below Caleigh's. She was given a 1% chance to live and now she is a vibrant 5 year old. What a treat meeting her, what a miracle.

Here's our team! What a turn out......this is everyone minus a few stragglers and one very talented photographer. Thanks Kristin!

Candid, huh?

Our team wore feather boas...... Festive and they make a great disguise!

and yes, that's another hospital band (4th & counting)

Mommy & Mimi

A day for the babies.....we came, we marched, we walked, we talked. It was the most perfect weather ever and I'm pretty sure everyone had a wonderful time! The most important thing was the time spent raising money and thinking about the babies just like Caleigh that were born too early or those that were born unhealthy and especially those that were brought into this world as ^angels^. As I looked around at all the strollers and kiddos walking with their parents, it made our journey meaningful. I also thought about all the babies still in the hospital and I hope that they will be able to walk with us next year. Caleigh being one of those babies. It was a day full of laughter and smiles, but with a deep underlining importance.....babies everywhere.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that came out and walked for Caleigh's team. It was great meeting new people and see everyone join together. Super thanks to all those who donated to our team and the March of Dimes.

It was so nice to see everyone, friends, family, & our NICU family too. I haven't walked that much since I had Caleigh. I don't count walking back and forth to the hospital parking garage any kind of exercise! It reminded me of my running days. At the end of the walk, I was just warmed up and wanted to do more. 10K, 5K, half marathon, marathon......I wanted to take off running! It's amazing how a little sun, some fresh air and exercise can make you feel. I'll have to take Caleigh on longer walks now!

Alright, our little miss had a wonderful day with her daddy while mommy got some sunshine. We had stopped Caleigh's feeds on Friday due to the fact that there was lots of green stuff coming out of her button. She just wasn't ready. So Sat. we started back up at 2ml an hour, 4 hrs on 1 hr off & repeat. This morning we went to 4 ml an hr, with 4 hrs on 2 hrs off & repeat. Caleigh seems to be doing ok with it. This little infection was a blow to all the building up we had been doing over the last few months. Hopefully, we can get back to where we had her feeds soon. The doc changed a few of Caleigh's meds around. No more Reglan, added the antibiotic Rifaximin & probiotic Culturelle. Our dose of blood pressure medicine was upped because Caleigh's blood pressures have still been on the high side. The plan was to send us home on Monday and hopefully we can still do that. I guess we will see how things go tomorrow.

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