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Still paying our Dues

Holly D Gray2 Comments
Still hanging out hospital style these days. Caleigh's blood culture is into the 48 hrs of not growing anything. Right now we are still waiting on Caleigh's bowels to wake up and start working again. Yesterday was promising with lots of green bile stools, and an x-ray that looked better than the one we took the other day. She's been tooting the morning away so that is more of her normal. Not very lady like, I know, but we're working on it. I think we are going to try to start feeds today, but slowly get back up to the 6ml a hour that we were at before this whole ordeal. So it looks like were stuck here in hospital land until we get back to our baseline.

Yesterday, out of pure curiosity..... I asked our GI about starting Caleigh on rice cereal?What! I know right, a little over zealous don't you think? He was all for it and as soon as Caleigh is back to her norm we will try it. I'm so excited! She won't be able to eat it by mouth initially. We will put it through her button. Before we do anything by mouth at this point, Caleigh will need to go get a swallowing test done and she will need speech therapy to help her learn how to eat. I've read about SBS kiddos doing a lot better once they started solids. So why not try!

March of Dimes, March for Babies is TWO DAYS AWAY! I can hardly wait! Eric is going to stay with Caleigh (whether that be at home or hospital) while I go to the walk. We really want to take her but it just isn't the right thing to do. Maybe, Caleigh can make it out next year. I've heard our team shirts are looking amazing, and our team has raised a ton of money. Thank you to everyone that took the time to donate. Donations actually come to an end April 30th so there is still time to throw the Babies some moola.

Waiting patiently.....

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