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Blue Light Special (Take 2)

Holly D Gray4 Comments
16 days and counting...... June 5th Caleigh will have her 7th surgery. The surgery that we have been putting off since her last surgery didn't work. Caleigh was SO sick after the last surgery that everyone, including us, had been dreading the inevitable 7th.

So here's the run down on what we are planning to do:
-they will remove the stricture that is at the end of Caleigh's small intestine connecting to the colon.
-re-connect the small intestine to the colon.
-start the process of cutting away adhesions in her small intestine.
-'lay' all of the small intestine out, measure it, and either do the STEP procedure (this was the original plan for Caleigh's 6th surgery) on the dilated loops of bowel or do a tapering from the colon up through the dilated sections.
-remove old broviac (CVL line) because Caleigh has almost outgrown the one she has, and put a new one in.
-"Possible" gallbladder removal, because Caleigh has three small gallstones.
-"Possible" liver biopsy

hence the title 'Blue Light Special'

Our surgeon will be doing the procedures with another surgeon who has also operated on Caleigh. Caleigh is now a two surgeon kiddo. We love them both and put their hands in God's when it comes to Caleigh. On all accounts Caleigh is stronger, bigger, her seizures are considerably better and the real factor here is her liver health. With Caleigh's liver levels being completely normal her bleeding won't be what it was in December. We're praying for a event free surgery and speedy recovery that heals Caleigh's tummy troubles. We can only hope and pray and give it up above.

The next 16 days will be full of the normal daily routine for us, but we will be anticipating surgery with the butterflies of Christmas morning. Plus we will get to actually pack and be ready for this hospital stay, which will be at least 2-3 weeks long.

You can read HERE about Caleigh's 6th surgery on Dec. 13th.

Thanks to everyone that commented on my last post. I realize that we aren't alone. I did want to say a couple of more things about the unsolicited attention we get in public. First of all, I do want people to know about Caleigh and her situation because that could mean more awareness and a possible reason WHY Gastroschisis happens. I have a whole post in my head about this to be typed in the future. Questions promote Answers. If ANYONE that reads this blog has a question, ANY question, please don't hesitate to ask. Another thought was that people just don't know what to say. It's a 'sad' situation in their eyes and in general people stumble on their words when they just don't know how to respond. I don't see our family as 'sad.' We are blessed to have Caleigh and with everyday we love her more and more. She is our miracle and is the farthest thing from SAD. A Miracle.
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