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Field Trip?

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Yesterday was a great day! Nothing medical about it.....just a great day. Here's the point where I blog something that all those other 'normal' moms out there take lightly and that I have always dreamed of doing.....

Caleigh has been holding her pacifier in by herself for longer periods of time. Yay!

So yesterday we decided to take Caleigh to the park and have a picnic. So we went to River Legacy Park in Arlington, they have a great pavilion hidden in the back and lots of walking trails. Very nice. Caleigh did great on her car ride there. Then we strapped her in the stroller and off we went. After the wonderful time at the park we had to stop at the pharmacy and pick up some of Caleigh's meds. Still doing great in the car seat....... And then, on a sudden, drastic, trail of a thought.......we decided to take Caleigh to Whole Foods to pick up a few groceries! 9 months old and Caleigh finally got to go into a grocery store. We strapped her into the baby bjorn and put her backpack and oxygen tank in the grocery cart and she did great. By this time Caleigh was really tired and she fussed some but then she caught on to the fact that 'hey this is a new place.' It went well, only two stupid comments the whole day. One was "what's premature?" The other one was "are all babies on oxygen?" I have to give the girl credit though she seemed very confused. Other than that we had a really successful day. Trust me....I didn't touch anything and by the time I got home I wanted a bath sooooo bad. Germs can take over your life and I'm glad that my anxiety was able to be put on the side yesterday so that we could have a nice family outing. Caleigh slept the whole way home and then some.

Then our 'real' life started over again with her TPN needing to be changed, feeding bag needing to be changed, medicines, bath time and CVL dressing change. Speaking of dressing change, this is where we change the tape and clean around Caleigh's central line every 7 days or as needed. This is a sterile procedure and very important to keep infection away. Up until the last two times we have always had issues with Caleigh cooperating during this. We usually have to restrain her arms so that she doesn't pull on anything and it is at least a 2 person job. Well I think Caleigh has finally gotten used to it! She stares at us and coos the whole time, doesn't even wiggle. We still put her arms under a blanket so that she doesn't grab anything, but this is just amazing to us! For those that have seen the old Caleigh with her dressing would be impressed, we are.

Green eyes?

Per our surgeon, we will be stopping the steroids on Sunday. Apparently when your on steroids before a surgery it inhibits your body from producing the adrenaline needed to heal and also causes a drop in blood pressure. Because of this little steroid dose Caleigh will be given a boost of adrenaline (which has a big fancy name) during surgery so that her blood pressure stays up and she can heal afterwards. Another lovely reality about our future hospital stay is the PICU. Caleigh will be in the ICU until she is stable enough to move to the regular floor. So I am praying for a nice quiet corner.

All in all, we had a wonderful day and I'm hoping for many many more to come!

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