Made of Gray

Back from Vacation

Holly D Gray1 Comment

The last two weeks have been wonderful. We took Caleigh on a long planned road trip to North Carolina. We rolled back into our driveway yesterday afternoon just shy of 2900 total miles. Today has been a dose of adult reality mixed with frequent reminiscing about our journey.

We hiked mountains almost daily and we found autumn at its peak. We went to fall festivals, shopped and ate at fancy restaurants. We stayed in the cutest 400 square foot cabin that truly made me believe that we can thrive in a smaller more simpler space.

We visited with amazing friends. True friends that no matter how far the distance never fail to pick up right where we all left off.

We stayed out late, skipped naps and woke up early. Amazingly, we all feel refreshed. That's what a good vacation, mountain air and good company will do for you.

I'm going to be getting all of my photos and writing together over the next few weeks and then posting here about our adventures. I can't wait to share all of our wonderful memories.


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