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Icemageddon 2013

Holly D Gray2 Comments

Icemagedon. Icepocalypse. What ever you want to call it, we are into day three of our ice storm here in North Texas.

I'm on my sixth large cup of hot cocoa. I've almost finished our homemade Christmas gifts and all the bathrooms are clean. We've actually had a good time just hanging out.

We've had thunder sleet, freezing fog and cobblestone ice to name a few. It's been interesting.

Texans aren't prepared for this stuff as you can see by these photos. We don't own a sled and honestly it wouldn't work for Caleigh anyways. The amazing special tomato chair came to the rescue again. Pair that with the proper laundry basket, some bricks for weight and Caleigh had a good time sliding around.

We repeated the above sledding action over and over. It was a hit.

I learned an important lesson about ice during all of this.

It is slick. No, really. It's true what they tell you.

Nice warm Ugg boots have absolutely no traction. I probably took a dive four or five times.

Lucky for you I had the camera running during one of these times.

Laugh with me and enjoy!

The ice is finally melting some, but it looks like we might have one more day to hangout at home.

Here's to warmth of home, winter memories and loads of hot cocoa.

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