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Using Turmeric as a Tye Dye

Holly D Gray1 Comment

Last year for Caleigh's birthday I had bought her a number five t-shirt off of Etsy. It was cute, she loved it, but now it is a night shirt. No well respected six year old would be caught out on the street in a five year old's t-shirt. At home it stays by golly.

So this year I wanted to make a project out of the birthday shirt. Being against most chemical dye processes, I started searching the web for natural dyes. I quickly came across this post by Delighted Momma that told in detail how to tye dye a t-shirt with turmeric. I'll leave the tutorial to her. It's easy, check it out.

Here's some photos from the t-shirt project. Apparently, I don't follow directions that well so I didn't wait until the shirt air dried before washing it. I just threw them in the washer as soon as we were done. Oops. The color isn't as vibrant as it could have been if I had paid attention, but it got the job done. There's always next time...

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