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New Shoes for AFOs

Holly D GrayComment

With Caleigh's feet continuing to grow it wasn't long till we needed new shoes for her braces. The last pair that I bought for Caleigh was through and they were great about taking back the pairs that didn't work for us. They have free shipping too so it didn't hurt to pack them up and send them back. The pair that we kept only lasted us maybe 8 months.

The last pair of New Balance shoes needed to be adjusted to work with Caleigh's AFOs. I took them to our local shoe shop and they extended the Velcro straps for us. So the shoes ended up costing us around $60 by the time they fit.

About a month ago, we went in and got Caleigh's braces adjusted. Mostly widened in the tight areas. Once they were wider, the old shoes just didn't work anymore. We squeezed into some Converse shoes that we had bought in-between, but they were leaving marks on Caleigh's toes. I knew we needed new shoes pretty quick.   

Low and behold we were walking into Target right before The Variety Gala a couple of weeks ago and there they were. The cutest high tops. The tall relaxed fabric works great with the tall SMO part of Caleigh's braces. The side zipper is perfect for sliding the AFOs in, and the tongue isn't intrusive at all. We love them. All girls need new shoes for a big party. I swapped out the silver laces with brown ribbon to match her dress for the evening. They worked out perfectly.

We've had many ups and downs with AFOs. It's always nice to have a period of time when Caleigh actually asks to put them on. It's a relieving sign that they must be feeling good to her.  

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