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First Day of 1st Grade Traditions

Holly D Gray2 Comments

Monday was Caleigh's first day of first grade. To try and make the day special for her, I decided to mix in a few new traditions this year.

We woke up, started Caleigh's feed and watched cartoons like we normally do. Then I got her all dressed up. We headed outside for first day of school photos. I found this chalk idea on Pinterest and I thought it would be great for a child that doesn't sit up by themselves. The cement was a little rough on Caleigh's elbows, but she enjoyed it.

Before too many mosquitoes ate us up, we jumped in the van and headed to OT. When we made it home from OT a few hours later, Caleigh was greeted with a sweet card from Mommy and Daddy talking about how proud we are of her and what a great school year this is sure to be.  She read it herself and then told us "thank you" using her iPad.  

Our day was relaxed. We went over last year's goals. We talked about how far she has come academically in just eight months. We talked about what she wanted to work on this year too.

We didn't do a lot of actual schoolwork the first day. Mostly we introduced new books and ideas. I showed Caleigh my plans for the year and we mapped out our holiday breaks.

We finished the day with swimming. Caleigh is definitely still in summer mode in that regard. I'll take it. I know that most everyone is in a pumpkin spice latte, crisp mornings kind of mood by now, but I'd love anyway that we can extend summer just a little bit more.

Caleigh's first day of first grade was a success. Next year I'll remember to cancel therapy on the big day, but I think that we will continue these traditions and maybe add some more to the mix as she gets older. I can't believe that she is a first grader now!

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