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Special Needs Tricycle - The Big Reveal

Holly D Gray3 Comments

The morning after we brought Caleigh's bike home was a busy one. We slept in because we were all tired from the evening before. We needed to get ready for OT and I was still feeling foggy from my public speaking flop.

Caleigh was itching to go and the tricycle wasn't.  

We spent a good hour adjusting everything to fit Caleigh. With Caleigh's dystonia her equipment positioning changes everyday. Sometimes several times a day. We've learned how to adjust everything for her on the fly and that proved useful when fitting the new bike to our girl. We never leave the house without our toolkit!

So how old were you when you got to ride your first bike? Maybe a Big Wheel? Maybe a bike with training wheels? Can you believe that our six year old has never ridden a bike? Caleigh has some serious riding time to make up for!

Finally, we were ready to go. Caleigh had a big smile on her face as we led the bike out the back door. 

At first we were cautious. After all, Caleigh's legs aren't used to the bicycling type of movement. We played with her array of horn and bell choices; each of which made her smile.

I'm not even going to lie when I say that I got choked up watching her make the rounds in our cul-de-sac. Smiling, grinning and hitting her horns, she was having a blast. Anything that gives Caleigh enjoyment makes our hearts happy.

We spent about forty minutes outside doing circles and going fast. No need for caution here. Caleigh's little legs were flying around and around. The faster the better. The faster the bigger the smile. It was wonderful.

This past weekend we took Caleigh to the park and she rode around with all the other children on their bikes. She was able to ride up to the swings on the playground instead of us carrying her over the mulch. When she was done swinging, she rode her bike some more. We have plans for bike riding playdates and park adventures all over the metroplex.  

Our girl loves to move. What an amazing birthday present.

Variety gave our daughter the movement that all children can relate to. Riding a bicycle is a rite of passage for a child. Caleigh joined that club this week albeit a little late, but she made it.

She's just a kid, just a kid on her bike.

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