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Imagination Can Make You Feel Better

Holly D Gray2 Comments

Caleigh has been feeling much better this past week. We turned in all the stool samples to the lab and everything came back normal. The bloody stools have cleared up and she's back to her regular schedule.

My guess would be that she had a virus with some impeccable timing. If anything is off and her intestines are irritated the bloody stools start. It's always a guessing game, but I'm glad that it is over for her this time around.

Caleigh has been in such a great mood these past few days. Therapy has been going well and she is constantly smiling at just the appropriate moments.

For Christmas, Caleigh asked Santa for a fairy house, a basket for her babies to ride on her bike and Despicable Me 2. Santa delivered all of those things and then some.

Fairies have been a huge passion of Caleigh's since she first watched Tinkerbell on Netflix well over a year ago. There are four Tinkerbell movies on there now and we frequently rotate through them. Caleigh tells me that she wants to be a fairy. So we pretend all the time.

Santa brought Caleigh green fabric fairy wings that are easier for her to wear than her many hard wire ones. She still loves the others, but she wears the new ones everyday. She can actually wear these in her many chairs which is a plus for make believe.

Dancing through the house flapping wings and taking flight, Caleigh giggles and smiles always. The girl loves her fairies and who knows maybe we'll get our hands on some pixie dust someday.

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