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Starting off the New Year Short Gut Style

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2013 was a year of ups and downs for Caleigh's intestines. It seems as if 2011 & 2012 were incredibly stable. This brief break in the drama left us a bit naive and passive. So when Caleigh dealt with the effects of dumping syndrome earlier in 2013 we all felt taken aback. 

Recovery and finding out a good rhythm took until this past fall. Caleigh had a few good months around our North Carolina vacation, but the start of December ended that.  

At the beginning of December we went to see Caleigh's GI doctor. Before we went I asked Caleigh what she wanted to tell him that I might not think of. She told me "I feel sleepy." This was true. She basically tells us that she is tired no less than 20 times a day. She gets up around 7am each day, requires at least an hour and a half nap and is in bed by 8pm each night. Sometimes she sleeps all night sometimes she's up and down all night. Eric and I are still on the infant schedule 6 years later. 

She also told me "wheelchair broken" and then smiled at me. He can fix a lot of things, but wheelchairs aren't one of them. 

Caleigh's humor is really blossoming lately. She's a smarty pants.

So her GI ordered the regular six month labs to check on vitamins, minerals, etc. This time he ordered a lab to check for D-Lactic Acidosis to be run by the Mayo Clinic because of her excessive sleepiness. 

Both the regular blood work and the Mayo Clinic labs all came back normal today. Good News.  

While we were waiting on the labwork to come in, Caleigh started Flagyl for bacterial overgrowth. Bacterial Overgrowth can also make you tired and it was the guessing option to go with. 

We did two weeks of Flagyl with no problems. Caleigh still slept the same amount of hours, but she wasn't complaining of being sleepy anymore. Plus it was Christmas time and we all know where her mind was at that point. She did have a few passing out moments throughout get togethers though. 

When she finally finished up the fourteen days, Caleigh stopped stooling for two days. Not absolutely weird for her so we just took note of it. This past Sunday she had a big blowout and hasn't stopped since. She's going six to twelve times a day. She is staying hydrated which is good, but the most worrisome part is that it is bloody stool. 

So today I went and picked up a ton of stool sample kits. We are surely on our way to an early met insurance deductible this year. Hopefully things will calm down in her stomach, and maybe the stool samples will give us something to go on. Right now we wait and watch. Oh, and do a ton of laundry......

We've slid into 2014 on the tail of 2013. Just staying afloat over here. 

How has your New Year started off?

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