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A Pain in the Hip

Holly D Gray7 Comments

About a week ago Caleigh began to have trouble sleeping. She was acting like something was hurting her, but it wasn't her normal stomach pains.

Caleigh normally sleeps on her stomach, head turned to the side, hugging her ever present sock monkey just like she did four years ago.

I repositioned her on her side after the third night of ups and downs and she snoozed until morning.

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Finally, Caleigh went to her body parts folder on her iPad and told me her hip was hurting. I moved it around a little bit and she grimaced.

So I called and moved up her orthopedic appointment. It was just a few weeks out anyways. We also have botox scheduled for February 12th. So I wanted to check on things before proceeding with that appointment.

I also called and made a chiropractor appointment the same day. I had fallen a little lax on us going to the chiropractor. Everyone has their different opinions when it comes to chiropractors, but wow, have we all felt better since returning to our weekly visits.

After the chiro appointment Caleigh's sleep pattern was back to normal.

When we got to the orthopedic appointment they gave us a pair of gigantic paper shorts to put on so that they could do x-rays of Caleigh's hips again. Caleigh thought it was funny and we did a little parachute dance around the room when no one was looking.

The x-ray came back about the same as it was in August, 50% out of socket. When he moved Caleigh's legs and hips around though she was definitely uncomfortable. There is now a nice (read, not nice) little popping noise that goes along with her left hip. The x-ray showed that there was some inflammation around the ball and this is probably what is causing her pain.

So the plan of the hour seems to be to try deep hip botox under anesthesia and at the same time do a shot of cortisone to help with the inflammation. After this is scheduled and done we will go back to ortho in May. He's really hoping to push hip surgery off for another year to year and a half mostly to let her grow a little more. If the hip pain doesn't stop though we may have to do it sooner.

At home we are doing stretches daily. Caleigh uses her stander for an hour or longer each day. She stands with us assisting throughout the day as well. We just completed the paperwork to start equine-therapy (horse riding.) Caleigh's ortho was very excited about this and said that it will be a great position for her hip. I was going for fun, but I'll take good for hip too.

Now we have to coordinate a neurologist and an orthopedic doctor's schedule to make the botox and cortisone shots happen sometime soon.

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