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Why I Transitioned to Crochet

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I've been crocheting now for over two years. I love it. It's a creative outlet that my photography wasn't filling anymore. No matter how much I love the art and still consider myself a photographer; I just wasn't fulfilled with the process anymore.

Back in college, I was really drawn to the hands on aspect of photography. The dark lab, color lab and especially the labor intensive alternative processes. With chemicals becoming crazy expensive and the fact that I strive for a chemical free home; makes digital king and it will probably stay that way. When I was in school things were changing, and I was lucky to get both sides of the story. 

I got an art degree not wanting to sit at a computer all day. I left my corporate job to get out of the cubicle. The shooting is what I love, the editing has left me with something to desire these past few years. 

My attentions have changed over the last 6 years. I have Caleigh and age to thank for that. 

Crochet allows me to work on a project while still interacting with Caleigh. When my body is tired from a physical day; I can cuddle up on the couch and crochet until sleep calls me. This is much more enjoyable than sitting in an office chair editing photographs in Photoshop. It just fits in my life right now.

Both of my great-grandmothers were crocheters. I have several pieces from each of them which are mostly very worn and useful. Potholders and tacky Christmas decor round out their memory for me. 

My Great-Grandmother King never drove a car. When she was older she would ride to work with my great-grandfather, and sit in the truck crocheting all day only taking a break for lunch that she had packed for them both. She would ride home and do it again the next day. My mother and her sisters were involved in the crafting when they stayed with them too. Definitely a different time. Simpler. 

I'm drawn to simple. With so much of our life going non-stop, subconsciously I was craving something to help me slow down. The repetitive motions and luxurious softness of wool was that simplistic thing I needed. 

Enter the most luxurious, soft, decadent, baby alpaca cowl I've ever laid my fingers on. This infinity scarf is a dream to work up. The wool feels amazing on my hook and it flows so smoothly. 

The wool lays in a slouchy manner. It's delicate and not as huge as some of the popular chunky wool cowls. This one can be worn all day. No need to take it on and off with every stop you make. You can cook with it on, cuddle your child with it on and definitely take a nap with it on. It doesn't get in the way and that's what I love the most about it. 

The act of taking product photographs of yourself wearing items can be a tad bit difficult. So my friend Kristin (IG: @kbaz) did the honors for me. She did way better than any selfie I could have come up with. She's amazing with her camera, the warmth of Texas sunsets and luckily for me, photography is still her passion. Looking at these photos, I feel like a model! A 5 foot tall model, but nonetheless a model. I kinda love it.  

Hop on over to my Etsy Shop, made of Gray and check out more images and details on this lush cowl, and please share with your friends. I want everyone to feel the softness!

Want a larger or smaller size? Maybe a different color? Let me know. I love suggestions and feedback!

How have your passions and attentions changed since your child(ren) were born?

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