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Garden Fairy Halloween

Holly D Gray1 Comment

This year Caleigh wanted to a fairy for Halloween... again. A different kind of fairy of course. 

I tried to go the Tinkerbell route with no luck. I tried the generic pink fairy at Target and got a resounding no. So I started brainstorming and decided to do some craft store shopping. 

Caleigh and I made it to Hobby Lobby where I spent a ridiculous amount of money because my daughter enjoys green flowers and not the fall decor that was currently 40% off. She may end up being the exact same fairy next year. 

Three hours on the floor with a hot glue gun and we had a garden fairy costume. 

These photos were taken at Caleigh's homeschool costume party at the park. She had a good time swinging, being a garden fairy and hanging out with new friends. 

Tonight Caleigh will be dressing up again, taming the curly mane a little bit better and heading out to Trick-or-Treat with friends. It's good to be a fairy. 

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