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Rifton Pacer Walker

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Just two weeks ago, Caleigh received her trial Rifton Pacer walker. It is actually hers because insurance approved it in two weeks. That is unheard of. Seriously unheard of. I'm not going to ask questions or even pretend to complain. So even though we are working through a 30 day trial, I think we will be keeping it for the long haul.  

Rifton Walker via Caleigh's Corner

This is the Rifton Pacer 502. It has a crazy amount of growth in it for Caleigh. As with the Kidwalk that she started out with so many years ago, Caleigh usually only takes steps while she is listening to her favorite music. It is what it is. She's happy and doing something that is great for her body. We will take it.

Maybe one day we will get Caleigh some custom ear buds, turn on her favorite tunes and hit the shops. That may just be the only way this thing makes it in public. Although I do plan on trying it out at Co-op this spring. It has such an appropriate upright position. I love it. 

Rifton Walker via Caleigh's Corner

The adjustability and positioning is wonderful in the Pacer. In my own opinion, it's really better for Caleigh than the Kidwalk was. It had been over a year since she used the Kidwalk. She had stopped taking steps and hated being in it. It was definitely time for something new. 

Caleigh's Pacer came with a tablet table, tray table or iPad tray... whatever you want to call it, it is fabulous. She can use the tray to stabilize herself and talk at the same time. We are working on positioning for this, but it is a good motivator to be in the walker. 

Rifton Walker via Caleigh's Corner

The Rifton Pacer makes a nice addition to Caleigh's equipment arsenal. I'm working on getting a good video of her dancing around the kitchen. Until then...

Happy prancing! 


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