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First Trip to the American Girl Store

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How on Earth did it take us so long to visit the American Girl Store? I'm pretty sure this is seriously the most magical place, close to our home, for a little girl under the age of 12 .... and their moms, sisters and aunts.

It's that cool. 

American Girl via Caleigh's Corner

We were warned by many that this was going to be a crowded, three hour at the least excursion.

When we arrived, we literally walked into an empty store very surprised. Apparently, the Thursday afternoon before Christmas and while school is still in is the time to go. 

We headed straight to the doll salon to get Noel's hair done. It is really a cute concept and since there was no one around Caleigh had time to think about the hair style, ribbon color and of course, watch in wonder. 

American Girl via Caleigh's Corner

Since Noel's hair is layered (who knew) there were only certain styles that could be achieved. Caleigh was given a notebook with photos of each style. I pointed to each style that was on the page and gave it a corresponding letter... A,B,C, etc. 

Caleigh chose pigtails, letter D.  With purple and green ribbon. 

So I paid $15 to get pigtails, which I thought was a bit of an annoyance until I recently tried to redo the said pigtails, and I was terrible at it. $15 was worth it! 

American Girl via Caleigh's Corner

Caleigh bought a new outfit with pre-Christmas money and then we made our way to the Christmas tree and ate dinner off of the ice rink. We had a great time even though the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers was intense. This is definitely going on our list to do every holiday season. 

American Girl via Caleigh's Corner


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