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Friday Finds #2

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Have a Happy Friday with another addition of Friday Finds!

Image Source: 1) Sand Box by Brookstone 2) Short Reach Slant Board 3) Cozy Posy HugglePod HangOut 4) Koopy Spring Scissors

1) Short Reach Slant Board - I love the idea of having a slant board that is smaller and shorter. Caleigh's shoulders and elbows don't always extend out as far as she would like. I think this board would work great on the stander tray. Painting would possibly be easier. I picture a lot uses within our daily homeschool routine. 

2) Koopy Safety Scissors - Caleigh has a version of these scissors although these look much better. See that purple area there? When you squeeze the scissors to make a cut, the purple piece helps push the scissors open again without the user having to use a lot of pressure to open the hand. I like these and at $8.99 for a pack, I'll probably be adding them to our art supply collection soon. 

3) Cozy Pozy HugglePod HangOut - Caleigh has almost outgrown her Ikea Ekorre swing. She rarely asks to swing in it anymore. With warmer weather we use the hammock like it's going out of style. The HugglePod HangOut seems like the natural big brother to the Ikea swing with the benefit of it being used inside and out. Plus it looks like a beautiful flower, and I can only imagine the pretend fairy play that could happen within it.

4) Sand Box - This Sand Box is sold at Brookstone and it's just really amazing. It's kinetic sand that doesn't get everywhere. It's wet, but it isn't. It flows, but it stretches. This is just plain cool. The sensory benefits of this mixture would be amazing and the cleanliness of it makes me smile. 

DISCLAIMER: All items have not be used or tested by my family or myself unless otherwise stated. The above content is completely my wishful opinion. The coolness and adaptive capabilities of items that would relate to our family are based on my thoughts and creativity. I have not been paid or compensated in any way to showcase these items. Again, totally my opinion. Totally on my wishlist.

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