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New AFOs

Holly D Gray7 Comments

This past Wednesday Caleigh and I went to pick up her new AFOs from our orthotic place. This last growth spurt that is causing Caleigh hip pain also required new braces. Her legs had grown taller, but her foot size only grew a tiny bit.


The only change we made to the brace was that the new pair doesn't have a middle strap. This middle strap helps a little with the turning in of the leg. For Caleigh, it did neither good or bad in the past pairs so we decided to leave it off this time. One less strap to secure is fine with me.


We decided to stay with the same version of AFO that has been working for Caleigh. The taller leg brace with a SMO insert inside. She is still ridiculously strong when it comes to extension and the SMO keeps her heel and ankle in place through that tone.


Caleigh picked the colors. Green butterflies with dark purple straps. Green and purple are her thing and I'm digging it. I'm definitely not a pink girl so this makes me smile a little bit.

Some kids have notches on a door frame to keep track of growth; we have a line of AFOs to
visualize. I enjoy looking back at the old ones when we get a new pair.


I just got word that Caleigh will have Botox under anesthesia to her hip area and her other usual areas on March 7th at 7am. At the same time her orthopedic doctor will do a shot of cortisone to help with the inflammation in her hip socket. I'm feeling a tad nervous, but mostly hopeful about this new path.

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