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Dumping Syndrome No More

Holly D Gray2 Comments

This past week Caleigh and I went to see her endocrinologist. It's been a year since her dumping syndrome started. It was a rough start to 2013 with side effects from high blood sugars turning into low blood sugars too quickly. You can read about it here and here.

The good news is that it only took a few changes.

We slowed down the tube feeds and added an extra late night feed into her day. This was difficult for us because we had worked so hard to climb the ladder in tube feeds. A year in retrospect has given me the knowledge that things could always be worse. We've adapted to our new routine and it's not that bad.

 Extra time on a feeding pump isn't the end of the world. 

We added in fruit pectin to slow and thicken Caleigh's feeds as it heads through her GI tract. It's working. Insurance won't cover the pectin, so we're the crazy people at Kroger buying out the pectin in the canning section. It looks like we're running a canning mill out of our house! 

So with little, non-life changing adjustments Caleigh is doing well. I check her blood glucose a few times during the month. It's always good and right on target. 

With everything being stable and no new signs of premature puberty, Caleigh doesn't have to go back to her endocrinologist for a whole year. I'm hoping we make that goal easily. 

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