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The Common Crud

Holly D GrayComment

Today it snowed big, fluffy, dry snow flakes. An oddity for North Texas, but it was pretty for the few hours that it lasted. This winter has been an interesting one for sure. 

Caleigh has come down with a virus of some sort. Two weeks ago we all shared a head cold and had really just gotten over it when out of no where Snotsville called asking for their star citizen to return.

I took Caleigh to the pediatrician mostly to make sure that she didn't have a mild form of the flu. She doesn't tend to run a fever like you or I would so I was guessing. Luckily it wasn't the flu, and the number of cases have dropped dramatically in the last two weeks as well. 

The pediatrician's office said that this virus seems to be replacing the flu. Lots of thick snot, stuffy nose, drainage, headaches, no sleep. All a lot of fun. 

Since Caleigh's ears still looked great, we are hoping to take the slower route and not do a round of antibiotics if she doesn't need it.

We've been doing a lot of lavender and peppermint oil mixed with sweet almond oil as its carrier. I rub this on Caleigh's chest, under her nose and on her feet. I also put a mixture of tea tree oil and peppermint in our humidifier. That poor plastic thing has been going non-stop for days now. Lots of saline drops are flying around the house too. 

We mopped, did laundry and cleaned everything in sight for the past two days as well. One of my germs be gone methods. 

We did one day of Mucinex that our pedi recommended. I think I may have found a Caleigh "safe" form. It is dye-free and in pill form. I cut a 400mg pill in half and gave 200mg at a time. The inactive ingredients don't have lactose in them, but there are a lot of ingredients on the label. Already Caleigh's stool has increased quite a bit from that one day of medication, but so far it doesn't appear to be bloody. Hopefully we won't have to do an antibiotic which would, without a doubt, cause panic to her gut balance. 

So far, Eric and I have yet to get this one. 

Here's to Texas snowflakes, a fabulous smelling home, warm tea and snuggling on the couch. 

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