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Saturday at the StockShow

Holly D GrayComment

Caleigh was feeling better quite a bit better this Saturday. It was enough to venture out of the house. We had been stuck inside all week long battling the snot virus. It was about time to break out. 

We had been planning on going to the Fort Worth Stockshow, but with sickies and really cold temperatures we just hadn't made it. We had such a good time last year that we wanted to make it a yearly event. Saturday happened to be the last day so we made it our first journey out of the house.

We got up early that morning and made it in the gates by about 9:00. Our points of interest were the rabbit show and sheep dog competition which both started at 8am.  

Caleigh chose to take her powerchair even though she wouldn't have her iPad to talk with. We're still working on getting a mount that will work on both chairs. Insurance is refusing to cooperate, but that's a different story all together. She really loves driving her chair, and I'm hoping to take it out even more when we get the mount.  

The kids barn had most of the animals that they had last year. There was a baby zebu though and that was really neat to see. Apparently, the mommy miniature zebu that was there is worth $10K, just in case you were wondering why anyone would even have a zebu. 

Since it was so early and chilly outside we were almost the only people in the kids area. So Caleigh was able to drive around and show off her moves. She did really well. Sometimes public places make her feel a little shy, but she drove all over the place....slowly.  

We maneuvered the crowded rabbit area and then of course decided that our Ferb would have won best in show if he had come with us. 

Then we went to the sheep dog competition. This was the first time any of us had seen this competition. I have to recommend the whole thing because the arena was heated, there was accessible seating and it was really laid back. The sheep dog had to take the three sheep through a bit of an obstacle course and then move them into a pen within three minutes. We really enjoyed it. 

We made a quick pass through the expo area and then decided to head out. 

Along with the Stockshow pass your allowed to go into the Fort Worth Science Museum. We had let our yearly membership to the museum expire, so we decided to check things out while we were there. It's really a great museum, but there is so much that Caleigh isn't able to do. Imagine a the coolest, gigantic fine motor skill arena; that's basically it. So we played with the things that we could and then decided it was lunch time. 

In hindsight, going to a cold place full of furry, dusty animals and hay probably wasn't the best get rid of sinus congestion plan out there, but we had a great time. Our day rounded out with a long nap and Winter Olympics before bedtime. It was a good break from the couch.

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