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Valentine Heart Cup Cozy

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I'm not one to love all the extra holidays in America. I have a bit of cynicism in that area. I believe that big companies drive these holiday trends. The stores fill with holiday paraphernalia months and months before it actually arrives. It's nauseating.

Valentine's Day is one of these holidays.

Now as a parent, I try to celebrate these holidays on a small scale without going overboard. I remember as a child getting excited about each holiday when I was in school. The anticipation of a party, and the fact that no real work was actually done on that day was very excting as a kid. It was a high excitment, sugar filled break. 

Why is it that most of our holidays revolve around food and sweets? Since Caleigh can't have sugar, much less any consumable food; we have to look at holidays differently. Caleigh and I have made Valentine's cards for family and friends. We hung a few gel clings to the fridge and she'll be getting a small goody bag from us on Friday that doesn't include one ounce of digestible material. Valentine's have started coming in the mail. We've read some of our standard Valentine's Day books. Friday will be a fun day with homeschooling. I'm calling that good.

With all of our talk about Valentine's Day in our house, naturally my crochet went in the way of the heart. I had finished up a few shop orders and I had some time to work on creating something new. I'm finding out that I really enjoy the designing process. I've wanted to make a cup cozy for awhile now. I've made several different hearts over the past two years. They are fun and quick and there are so many patterns out there to choose from.  

I used a pattern for the bullion heart and made a few adjustments to it. I paired it with a front post, back post cozy that I came up with. I made 4 versions before I got the design just right and I love it.  

I decided to use Madeline Tosh yarn because I am basically obsessed with this high quality wool right now. MadTosh is hand dyed and a lot of the skeins I buy are hand dyed right here in Texas. The hand dying process brings out some amazing variations that typical yarn wouldn't have. Best of all this is a superwash wool, which means it can be machine washed, cold and then laid flat to dry. This isn't your cheap acrylic yarn.

This cup sleeve fits just like a Starbucks sleeve would only incredibly more stylish. It keeps your hands at just the right temperature. It's a green version of the cardboard, and fits most coffee house cups. 

Find the Valentine Heart Cup Cozy in my Etsy Shop made of Gray, and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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