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Welcome to the Family Renn!

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Our fur family grew by one this past weekend and Caleigh has a new buddy to hangout with. 

Meet Renn! 

This past Sunday we drove about an hour north to pick him up. His mom is a registered Border Collie and his dad is an anonymous Australian shepherd down the road. The mom is a working cow dog with a great sense of direction and obedience. We're hoping Caleigh's little guy gets some of that wisdom. 

We've been looking at puppies for a long time. We wanted a dog just for Caleigh. Not a service dog, but a dog that could be trained for specific needs around our house in relation to Caleigh. A companion dog. 

Eric grew up with Australian Shepherds and knew that they are generally very protective and loyal. After seeing the border collies at the stock show this year we started looking at a mix of the two breeds. The mix is usually an oops moment, but it happens quite a bit since aussies and border collies are both used as cow dogs.

I've talked with a trainer and we will get started with basic obedience training when he is 4 months old. Until then we will get him used to his collar, leash, cuddling, crate and house training.  

So far he's picking up on things really quickly. We have big plans for this little guy over the next few years.  

Koko is around eight years old (we think) and so far she is good with Renn. She's an old lady that likes her sleep and a new puppy that loves to play doesn't really mesh well with her schedule. Before 8am and after 7pm are off limits. She gets snippy with him at night when she's ready for bed and he is far from it. The first few days she followed him and watched him like crazy, but she has relaxed now and getting to snooze whenever she can. 

Ferb had a few days of not eating well. Even though Renn is small he is still huge compared to a tiny bunny. Ferb actually threw his body on Renn and punched him with his front paw. Renn yelped and backed away. I think Ferb is running the show for now.

Caleigh named him Renn. Eric wanted Rex and I wanted Delaney. When we asked her what she thought about Rex she said "no." So we asked her to spell out her vote and "Renn" happened right away. At that point she was pretty adamant about it. I tried to change the spelling to "wren" and "ren" but Caleigh would have no part of it. Renn it is. Eric and I are guessing that she wanted to be the one to name him. Renn and Rex are pretty close. Either way Caleigh's puppy has a very unique name.

He's really gentle with Caleigh and loves to sleep on her lap. We may need to reevaluate that situation since he'll probably be about 50 pounds full grown. Caleigh has been petting Renn with a more controlled arm and hand movement. This movement is very difficult for Caleigh. It's sweet beyond words. 

In his short week with our family, he hasn't figured out that wheels can hurt. Especially powerchair wheels. We've had to save his life a few times. He'll get it though. 

So far Renn's life involves eating, sleeping, playing, chewing, going to his spot in the yard to potty and going for car rides snuggled next to Caleigh. Pretty good for a puppy.

Mine and Eric's life involves getting up with a puppy a few times during the night to take him outside. Almost as much as Caleigh but never timed together for convenience. I'm told that he may sleep through the night in about ten weeks. Whew. 

Caleigh is over the moon excited about her new puppy. What kid wouldn't be? Look for updates and a fast growing fur ball to make his appearance here on the blog often. 

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