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Therapeutic Horse Riding

Holly D Gray3 Comments

Yesterday was Caleigh's first time on a horse. The first official ride of Equitherapy and the first time getting licked in the face by a horse.

She loved every single minute of it.

The weather was beautiful and even a little bit hot outside. The paperwork was finalized and Caleigh felt well enough to attend. The stars were lined up to get started.

See Caleigh's smiling face? No?

She laid down and smiled the entire five laps around the arena on Charlie Brown. The one time I witnessed her smile, I was slow with the camera and too involved in the moment. I can still see her flushed face, grinning from ear to ear. I may never forget it.

Seeing Caleigh so happy on the horse gave me butterflies in my stomach. I was smiling the whole time with joy. Something about giving Caleigh the movement she deserves shakes me.

Whether she held her head up or not doesn't matter to me. This place is pretty magical and the volunteers make everything seem natural, typical, normal even.

Even though this is Equitherapy and she will be asked to do therapeutic activities; I think that Caleigh will do well. Hopefully this will shake things up for her.

Caleigh is on the schedule every week now. She'll go trail riding, get a better fitting boppy pad and have her helmet custom padded for her tiny noggin. I do love the idea of her riding from now on. Now to find cowboy boots that will actually fit on her feet!

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