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Friday Finds #4

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Back in full swing with a little bit of road trip, beach themed Friday Finds. Enjoy!

1) SwimZip Swimsuit - I found out about SwimZip on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. Eric and I secretly like to watch this show from time to time mostly because it's fairly entertaining to watch people take their dreams and make it big. What I love about these swim suits is the fact that they all have a zipper. They are all two pieces which makes getting to a g-button a lot easier as well. Caleigh's tight, chilly muscles after a spring swim makes it difficult to maneuver a one piece off of her so the zipper is really an awesome addition. These suits are all UPF 50+ and I'm really loving the long sleeve versions for our kayaking trips. They are reasonably priced at $29 and they have baby, toddler, kids and adult sizes. 

2) Car Seat Cinema - The car seat cinema is just what we needed on our last road trip. It easily holds an iPad or iPhone on the headrest of your vehicle front seat. Calm entertainment like books, music and movies are just simply hung in front of your kiddos. This would make traffic jams and hours in the car nicer on the whole family.

3) Deluxe Snack & Play Travel Tray - Can you tell I want to get away for a few days? This tray looks like it would be nice for Caleigh booster seat. Of course we would use it differently than the sweet little child in the photograph is. For Caleigh, she would want her fairies and maybe a few other baby dolls. Possibly some sensory beads or fidget type of toys. Snacks and drinks wouldn't fill the pockets, but maybe extra g-button pads and chewy tubes. I'm sure we could figure out a way to stock it.

4) Rockerski - This is pretty cool. Caleigh loves to rock, swing and move. The Rockerski would be a good option for that movement that she craves. I'm not sure that it would go high enough or fast enough for our girl, but for other kids and adults it might be a great break from the norm. I think it's a pretty genius invention.

DISCLAIMER: All items have not be used or tested by my family or myself unless otherwise stated. The above content is completely my wishful opinion. The coolness and adaptive capabilities of items that would relate to our family are based on my thoughts and creativity. I have not been paid or compensated in any way to showcase these items. Again, totally my opinion. Totally on my wishlist.

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