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The Tooth Fairy's First Visit

Holly D Gray3 Comments

Just one week after Caleigh got a clean bill of health at her dentist appointment, she lost her first tooth. Tuesday night (3/25), right at bedtime Eric wiggled it free. 

I wasn't in the room. I don't do teeth. I can change a g-button, clean up puke, short bowel emergencies and any of the other standard mom duties, but teeth I just can't stomach. Eric and I made a deal that teeth are his department and so far it's working. 

Last summer I crocheted Caleigh this tooth pillow. Kids start to lose their teeth around 5-7 years old. So I wanted to be ready. We sat the tooth on top and the tooth fairy left her a dollar all in quarters.

Caleigh told me the next morning that she wasn't surprised by the dollar. We have been discussing the going rate for awhile now. She's pleased and ready to pull more teeth. 

We've also been talking about the fact that the tooth fairy is really a fairy. This was probably the most exciting part for Caleigh. The tooth fairy has been circling our neighborhood for about a week so that she didn't miss Caleigh's tooth.  

The remaining bottom tooth is following closely behind its brother. Her top two are also loose. It won't be long now. 

I know I will get used to the new look, but right now I panic a little each time I glance at her sweet smile. 

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