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Allergic to Texas

Holly D Gray5 Comments

Yesterday we took Caleigh to an allergist for skin testing. We've had this appointment planned for awhile now. Caleigh had been off her allergy nose spray for 5 days before so that the results were accurate. She was pretty miserable.

Over the past few years we have tried almost every nose spray out there. Since Caleigh can't have the fillers that are in allergy medicine we opt for the nose sprays. They work for awhile and then spring and fall raise their hands letting us know that they are definitely here.

The skin testing looks painful and I'm not going to lie, she jumped with each prick of the skin. Caleigh did great through the whole thing though.

We learned that she is reacting to Hackberry, Sagebrush, Mesquite, & Johnson Grass. So basically she is allergic to Texas from March to November. Best of all our neighbor has a gigantic hackberry tree.

We are going to try one more allergy nose spray that we haven't used yet. It has an antihistamine in it which the others haven't. If that doesn't make a difference in things we will start getting allergy shots or immunotherapy to help with the reactions.

We have options now and I'm glad we know what she is reacting to the most.

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