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Fossil Rim Glen Rose, Texas

Holly D GrayComment

On Mother's Day... yes, three months ago, our family drove down to Glen Rose, Texas for a private tour of the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. We loaded a tall bus and headed out for the three hour expedition. 

This was so much more exciting than the zoo for Caleigh. She wasn't height restricted by fences blocking her view from the level of her wheelchair. She was up tall just like the rest of us to see and feed the animals. 

She learned that zebras are very mean. They bite. So we didn't take the time to feed these guys by hand. His food was thrown on the ground 

We brought Caleigh's brown tomato chair for her to sit in while we were driving around. We had to stuff some towels underneath it to boost up the height, but it worked. They do have a wheelchair accessible bus, but we opted to have Caleigh sitting by us. 

The giraffes were amazing and honestly they were our favorite part. It's just completely crazy how tall they actually are. With as much as our girl loves to travel, I bet Caleigh would adore an African safari adventure. 

Here's Caleigh rocking some crazy curls and a very large ostrich egg. 

A special thank you to Linda and Rick for making our Mother's Day special and one to remember. We had a wonderful day with family and friends. 

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