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First Day of Second Grade

Holly D Gray2 Comments

Today was Caleigh's first day of 2nd grade. She has gown up so much in the past year, but it's still hard to believe that she is a 2nd grader now. It's even more of a shock to me that I've been homeschooling since she was three. 

Over the past few years we have really fallen into a groove with adapting certain curriculums. I've found things that work for Caleigh and right now couldn't be happier with the volume of information that she is learning. 

The older she gets and the more intense the curriculum becomes, the more time is involved with the day to day work. This is typical with all kids, but it has been a challenge to juggle all of Caleigh's therapies and appointments. 

Since we homeschool year round, we decided to take the summer off from therapies. It was a first for us and quite honestly very enjoyable. We may make a habit of it each year. This week marks the return of therapies. Over the next few weeks Caleigh will have a full schedule again with at least one appointment a day if not two. 

We've added in a homeschool co-op group each Wednesday morning. The first eight weeks Caleigh will be in a hands on science class. I'm hoping it goes really well for her. Fingers crossed. 

Today we jumped in head first. Caleigh said that she enjoyed our afternoon. She's always happier when we are homeschooling and that's one of the reasons that we school year round. 

I love seeing her passion for learning. I'm excited for the opportunities that the new year will bring. Second grade here we come!

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