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The Island of Capri

Holly D Gray1 Comment

By homeschooling Caleigh we get to cover some really great content, and this past week was no different. 

Caleigh and I wrapped up Red Sails to Capri. I love that I'm getting to read all the books that my schooling didn't offer. I love that I am enjoying reading for really the first time in my life. Reading used to be a way to study for the next test. Now it is fun.

Red Sails to Capri is a Newberry Medal Award Winning novel written in the 50's about the Island of Capri and its infamous cove. Caleigh got the humor, the anticipation and the mystery of the story. Each day she would tell me that she was excited and nervous after each chapter. It really is a classic that shouldn't be missed. 

Spoiler alert....

The best part of the novel is that this place actually exists! It's blue, gorgeous and just as the story describes. We had a lot of fun watching YouTube videos and looking up information on Capri and its grotto. Caleigh said she would love to visit Capri someday and I don't blame her one bit. Sign us up!

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