Made of Gray

A Weekend in the Country

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D GrayComment

This past weekend we took Caleigh up to our land to enjoy the nearly 70 degree weather and sunshine. We disconnected and it was totally needed. Caleigh napped in the hammock, we ate a picnic lunch, backpacked and soaked up the complete silence. It was good for this momma's soul and I've vowed to make it out to the country more often. 

Caleigh is feeling better after her scope. We continued giving her a capful of miralax a day for about 3 days after her procedure, but she tipped the balance and started stooling way more than normal. So we have discontinued the miralax for now. 

Caleigh has a barium enema scheduled for this Wednesday morning as well as an appointment with her surgeon next Tuesday to follow up on the scope results. 

Everything isn't urgent right now and for that we are grateful. 

Today we returned to life as usual. Work, therapy, school and running around. 

I think right now we are culling information, getting the best look at everything that is going on and playing the denial game while we can. 


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