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The Day She Broke Her Nose

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D Gray2 Comments

This weekend involved a regular kid accident. This wasn't short bowel syndrome, cerebral palsy, or dystonia. This was an accident. Something that could've happened to anyone.

The Day She Broke Her Nose via Hacking Disabilities

Eric took Caleigh for a bicycle ride on Saturday morning. This happens in her Chariot bike trailer and Caleigh loves this time with her Daddy. She loves to go fast. I was working on planning her 3rd grade homeschool year at the house when I got a call from Eric. They were less than a mile down the street and I needed to come get them. 

The bike trailer had clipped the curb and flipped over while the bicycle stayed upright. Eric estimates that they were going about 10 miles an hour. Caleigh was wearing a 5 point harness and the mesh trailer top was in use. We own three helmets. She wasn't wearing one. 1) because it doesn't stay on her head with her constant dystonic movements 2) because we can't get the dang thing to stay on her head. We've tried. Period the end. 

I arrived less than 2 minutes and scooped our girl up, panicked about the blood a little bit, and then got her strapped in her car seat. We went back to the house where I cleaned her face as much as I could. I changed her clothes and mine, got her food hooked up and we headed to the ER. My typical adrenaline routine is all business in these situations and it held this time too although Eric says I was a little grouchy. 

Once we got there, they gave us a red dot and took us straight back to triage. The first doctor we saw ordered a nose x-ray and a thumb x-ray. They did vitals and then took us back to the trauma rooms. We went right away to do the ordered x-rays. Once we were back in the room, another doctor came in and started examining Caleigh. She was more subdued than normal and in a lot of pain. When he pushed on her forehead she started crying so he told us that he was going to proceed with the car wreck protocol to rule out anything internal. 

We took Caleigh in for a pelvic and chest x-ray and then a head CT. We didn't have to wait too long for the doctor to come in and let us know that everything looked fine except the fact that Caleigh has a fractured nose. 

Our Baby Broke Her Nose. 

The Day She Broke Her Nose via Hacking Disabilities

We were in and out of the surprisingly empty ER in less than 3 hours. Caleigh came home with a prescription for hydrocodone for nighttime and tylenol during the day. She has slept incredibly well since the accident thanks to the meds.

Today her pain is better. The swelling is down and the bruising is starting to really show. We have an appointment with her pediatrician this week and we'll also be seeing an ENT, once the swelling goes down, to make sure that nothing inside the nose was damaged. If there is a problem inside the nose then we will meet with a plastic surgeon and talk corrective rhinoplasty. I can't even think that far ahead. It makes me nauseous honestly. I'm praying that everything is ok inside that sweet little button nose of hers. 

So our darling daughter had a regular kid accident. The bike crash theory was always in the back of my mind. I wouldn't be a mom if I didn't worry about every little adventure, but we can't keep Caleigh in a bubble either. 

When I asked Caleigh if she wanted to go bike riding with Daddy again she immediately said "yes" on her iPad. I admire our strong girl and her constant need for fast adventure. 

PS. I'm saving you the gory hospital photos and playing with light and shadow in these images so that you aren't as nauseated about this as I am.


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