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Heading to Pittsburgh - Day One

Traveling w/ DisabilitesHolly D GrayComment

Yesterday we packed up what seemed like everything we own and loaded the van down. This morning we headed out on the road towards Children's Hospital Pittsburgh for Caleigh's intestinal rehab evaluation. 

We got a bit of a late start, but managed to make it to Jackson, Tennessee by 8 o'clock this evening. We realized as we were pulling up, that we've actually stayed at this same Hampton Inn before. 

We had to do our traditional stop at the Memphis visitors center and take photos with the Mississippi River as a backdrop, as well as the Memphis Egg. FYI... don't push or place weight on the Memphis Egg because it isn't solid, it will move and this will most likely freak you out like it did for us. 

Caleigh is having a great time so far. She did wonderfully on today's drive and was so excited to be heading out this morning. We enjoyed massive amounts of music, Leave it to Beaver (her favorite show) and a solid viewing of Frozen to pass the time. We will definitely fit in some reading and school work in the days ahead. 

Tomorrow will be a VERY full day of driving to Pittsburgh so that we can make our appointment on Thursday. 


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