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Planning the Road Trip

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D Gray9 Comments

Plans are slowly forming and the phone calls are picking up speed. Caleigh's consults in Pittsburgh and Boston are now scheduled. We have insurance approval at PITT and Boston is slowly following suit. Luckily Eric has the days scheduled off of work and I can work from anywhere so we are set to travel. 

Pittsburgh and Boston both have their intestinal care clinics on Thursday afternoons. Since we can't be in two places at once we are spacing them one after the other. This leaves us about a week for some play in between. 

Baring anything unforeseen, we are planning to take Caleigh to Niagara Falls, New York City and maybe Washington DC during our wait and drive home. 

Of course we will have to hit up the American Girl Store in NYC. I 'may' have even made an afternoon tea time reservation in their cafe. This part will be a fun surprise for Caleigh.

Why not make this a little vacation for her? I ordered a US road atlas the other day. When it came in we sat down on the couch with C and started to talk about our trip to come. Caleigh immediately started crying and using her iPad, told me she was scared. We've had a good run these past few weeks with her feeling relatively well. It puts all of the emotions ahead of us and out of sight. We explained that this was just a visit that will be surrounded by fun sightseeing and a lot of driving. By the time we were done talking about the possibilities she was in and I was a little worse for the wear. I just hate this feeling. 

We went in to do blood work last week. They took 8 vials of blood checking her vitamins and minerals. Previous blood work suggested that she didn't have ANY essential vitamins and minerals. This blood work was to check for specifics and to help formulate a plan. We should find out the results sometime this week.

I'm open to all fun and accessible travel suggestions for our journey! Shoot away! What exciting adventures would you share with Caleigh? Add your ideas in the comments below.


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