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Hello New York - Day Two

Traveling w/ DisabilitesHolly D Gray2 Comments

Our second day in New York City was much slower paced. We woke up later, got ready a little bit slower and made it out of Brooklyn around lunch time. 

There was a ten minute period of time where I was convinced that I had lost my iPhone. In an embarrassing turn of events I found it safely zipped in a side pocket of my purse. We ate lunch at Roast Kitchen which we stubbled upon. The line was out the door so we knew it was a good bet and it turned out to be a great choice. 

When we finished up, we walked over to 5th Avenue and into the American Girl Store. We looked around the first floor, made it to the second floor where Josephina's collection is. Caleigh decided she wanted the Fiesta Dress and that she needed to use the restroom. So we went to the third floor where the cafe and a restroom is. Having a child with Short Bowel Syndrome requires a lot of bathroom breaks, but Caleigh did great while we were out and about. I'm pretty sure we saw more water closets than sights on this trip though. 

I've failed to mention that while we were in NYC it was their spring break. To say the store was crowded would be an understatement. We managed to push our way around and made a hair appointment in the salon for Caleigh's dolls. That appointment was for 6:30pm. Our tea time was at 4pm. So in between shopping and restroom breaks we went over to Rockefeller Center and walked around. 

At 4 we showed up in the cafe where they were completely accommodating to us. There is a flat pricey rate charged and little did I know it really isn't a tea party. The dolls get a plate and a tiny cup, but the whole experience is Americanized. Milkshakes, pigs in a blanket, tiny sandwiches and every sweet thing you can think of. Since Eric and I don't eat that stuff and Caleigh doesn't eat in general they gave us fruit and vegetable kabobs and drinks. It wasn't what I thought it would be, but now I know.  

Once we were done, we went back outside and walked down to St. Patricks Cathedral. It was very crowded and they are doing a lot of construction so we didn't stay too long, but it really is a beautiful place. 

Caleigh was pretty worn out by this time. Finally we made it back up for the doll hair appointment. Those ladies are artists for sure. Caleigh was really demanding about wanting black and white ribbon. This isn't something that American Girl Salons carry apparently, but our stylist winked at Caleigh and told her she had a box in the back full of stuff for Caleigh to choose from. They pulled off the black and white ribbon, Caleigh picked hair styles that I will never be able to recreate or even try and we were done. 

When we got outside it was pouring down rain. We had plans to walk down to Central park, but it was raining too much and by this time it was pushing 7:30. We called it a day. 

We got a car back to Brooklyn and got pretty soaked in the process and then spent a really long time in traffic. We learned all about our driver's life, family and distaste for the city he lives in. It was entertaining. 

That was it... Caleigh's first trip to New York. The next morning we got a fairly early start and made the short four hour drive to Boston. 

Our update from Boston Children's Hospital is next...


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