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23 Weeks

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Eric and I went to the doctor yesterday and finally got to see (what we could see) our little baby! Even though I can feel him/her moving it is still nice to see it move on the screen. Unfortunately, our baby was all curled up in a ball with legs over the top of its head. The doc said it was very hard to see the gastroschisis but it only looks to be intestines still and that the stomach and bladder are still inside. This will make the surgery easier. We still can't tell if it is a boy or girl and we may not get the chance. The doctor says that the amniotic fluid is relatively low and she will be watching that. So the baby doesn't have a great deal of room to move around. Also the weight is low about 15oz right now, but it is normal for a baby with gastro to weigh less. Should be a pound and a few oz's by now. So she wants us to come back in 3 wks to check up.

Our doctor was really positive and she answered tons of questions and set up the meeting with our surgeons. We go next week to meet them and we will tour the nicu then too. I'm excited because our doc just delivered a gastro baby and it's still in the nicu. So we might get to visit him and get a real sense of what it will be like for us. She says he is doing really well. After we meet the surgeons I think we will feel better and have most of our questions answered.

We learned a lot and are a little bit more informed now. Just got to sit back and wait and drink lots of water!

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