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23 wks on the 23rd

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray7 Comments
Yesterday Caleigh's tummy got huge again. So we backed off to to 7ml an hour and will probably wait four or five more days before we try 8ml again. This may be her stopping point for now. We may just have to wait and see. Every other day we check a stool reduction sample and so far so good, no dumping.

Eric and I have been battling the insurance company and finally got some inside information (Thanks to Nurse Laura). When a family is going through anything like this, having someone sick or in the hospital, why should their energy be spent fighting with an insurance company for every last dime & claim. We had actually stopped fighting and calling back in November, but with the new year and new deductibles, we need some sort of resolution. Urggghhhh!

Just throwing this out there....... does anyone know of a great financial adviser that we could sit down to talk with? With medical bills, deciding what is tax deductible & bills in general we need some guidance. We knew having a baby would be expensive, but with a 5 month hospital stay, all I can say is wow!

So obviously money, insurance and future plans have been on my mind this morning. With Caleigh possibly coming home in the near future we just want everything organized..... Yes, I know, obsessive compulsive, control nut, etc. etc.
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