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26 Wks 4 days

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray2 Comments

We had another doctor's appointment today to check on Baby Gray. Eric and I got this great face profile shot, which is great because the baby is breach and not really cooperating right now! Things are progressing as Dr. Papa expected. My amniotic fluid is still really low, although the level went up just a bit since last visit. I have been drinking soooo.... much water to help increase the levels! I feel like I might float away! The baby weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. which is an increase of 7 oz in the last 3 weeks. Dr. Papa says that we have a small baby and she doesn't think it will be very big at birth either. I think it got the Huddleston height genes! The good news is that Baby Gray is still growing. Everything else looks great; heart, brains, kidneys, bladder, etc. We got to see a lot of the Gastroschisis this visit. The intestines are floating up by the Baby's chin area and it was the first really good look we have had. Another interesting thing that Dr. Papa noticed is that my placenta has split. It has a upper lobe and a lower lobe (as she called it) where there is a small section attaching the two parts. There is blood flow between the two areas and she says that this is mainly an issue when delivering and making sure we don't leave any of the placenta behind. This has a lot to do with Baby Gray's size. All in all, things just get a little more confusing and a little more detailed with every visit, but everything is going as expected so far.

Our next appointment is in 2 wks and then twice a week after that. Dr. Papa seems to think there is a high possibility of having a c-section around 32 wks (Sept. 6th). Smaller babies tend to not do as well during vaginal births, and with the low fluid levels and slow growth we probably won't make it to 36 wks as hoped for. All we can do is pray that Baby Gray stays inside as long as it safely can and that the delivery, which ever it may be, turns out safe and for the best.

I have been ordered to drink tons of water, and get lots of rest. Eric and I have been painting the nursery. I will post pics soon!


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