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3 days

Holly D Gray3 Comments
isn't just a Pat Green song, it's also the amount of time until Caleigh's next surgery......

Our nursing home trip went well. No big surprises. We finally made it back home about 2am and Caleigh slept the whole way.

I talked to our surgeon last week, and it was decided that we should admit Caleigh the day before her surgery to switch her meds to IV because right now she gets all g-button meds. Plus she will need to start clear fluids and he wants to do some blood work before the big day. So we will be checking into our new summer destination on Wednesday morning. It's another day in the hilton, but oh well.

Tomorrow, we have a respite care company coming out to evaluate Caleigh. It's required 24 hrs after we stay in the nursing home. Caleigh qualifies for a lot of respite care but I don't think that Eric and I are ready to leave Caleigh with anyone. She just has so much going on and it's hard to 'let' go and trust others at this point. I do have dreams of laying & playing on the beach with my darling husband while Caleigh is playing hard at her grandparent's house. That will all come in time, maybe sooner, maybe later? Who Knows..

I finally got to have a girls night out and what did we do? You guessed it....... Sex and the City. It was good, really good, but I'm sad that it is over. They could have made 3 more seasons out of everything that was crammed into the movie. I want the seasons. Sigh.

I have lots of adorable pictures that I need to post....

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