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4 weeks old

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This is Caleigh the day before she had her 5th surgery.

Caleigh today. Day 2 after surgery.

Caleigh has been really sick the past 2 days since her surgery. She has gained about a pound since last night. She is almost 4 lbs. Her little body is very swollen and she had just began to urinate this afternoon. The doctors had to switch Caleigh to an osculating ventilator that blows short puffs of air into her lungs. The swelling has caused fluid to surround her lungs making it hard for her to breath. Her abdomen is pushing up on her diaphragm as well. The ventilator is doing all of the work for her right now. She has never really needed help breathing so this is very hard for us to deal with. There is a lot of other technical things going on as well that I won't bore you with, but all in all she is having a really tough time getting over this last surgery. The doctors are keeping her comfortable with pain medicine and that we are grateful for. One little body shouldn't go through what she has had to endure.

Please pray for Caleigh to get through her struggles. She needs to lose the extra fluid and stabilize everywhere else before they can see if her bowels will start working again. I pray that this is the last surgery for our sweet Caleigh. With each day it is harder and harder for us emotionally to see our little girl in so much pain when just a few days earlier she was smiling and interacting with us. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

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